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Inmotion L8F ultra light electric scooter fast folding emicro one fastwheel f0 Personal Mobility Solution

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Easy to Learn

Do you remember when you learn bicycle first time?
Electric mobility vehicles are easy to learn. After about a couple of hours practice, you will realise that you are riding already.*
To travel around town or go up and down hills, it takes another few hours of riding.
That’s it! You are the e-rider already!

* Learning hours may vary depending on personal experience

Inmotion L8F ultra light electric scooter fast folding emicro one fastwheel f0 Personal Mobility Solution


Safe to Ride

Because you operate the vehicle only by shifting your body and adjusting the angle of your feet or lower legs, it is safer than riding bicycle.
All our approved eWheels are equipped with safety features including speed control, sound alert and lighting system*.

*Lighting system is optional for some models.



Surprisingly light-weight. Most of our vehicles weigh around 10 – 14kg so you can easily bring it to your office, classroom, even on buses and trains whenever you go.
Also the carrying handle makes it easier to pick up when you need to take off from road or stairs.





Environmentally friendly

Replace any vehicle to e-ride for short distance transportation with Zero emission. In this way you enjoy freedom of movement and protecting natures around.
With e-ride, you can experience the true balance of life and our environment.




Smart Mobility Products


Whatever you choose, it will bring you the magical moment. Here are our main products.


e-ride life leisure travel daily dog jogging ninebot airwheel solowheel fastwheel

Electric Unicycle

The future of personal transportation. Find out how it can change your life!

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Inmotion H1 Hoverboard Swagway IO Hawk Self Balancing Two Wheel hoverboard Safe Smart Board standing scooter Stehrad

Smart Board (Hoverboard)

Great fun and smart way of getting around short distances

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Inmotion L8F ultra light electric scooter fast folding emicro one fastwheel f0

Electric Kickboard Scooter

Smart personal mobility solution. Best companion for commuters

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e-ride Swiss Integral Service



  • All repairs (excluding parts) for 1 year or up to 1,000 km (whichever comes first), Excluding return delivery
  • Registered customer only


Our exclusive service is completely free.

Meaning that lower your operating cost for your pleasant riding. This is the e-Ride Swiss Integral Guarantee.

(International customer may be charged extra delivery cost for return)




Future Personal Mobility Video Documentary


Never Stop Moving – The Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland

(Untertitel Deutsch)

How does a well-resourced, democratic and environmentally conscious country like Switzerland address the “Future of Urban Mobility”? This film is part of our 6-month-long campaign covering urban mobility stories in Switzerland, as well an analysis of European mobility trends and portraits of individuals and start-ups.


Source :­y-switzerland, Coree