e-ride Einführungsvideo


Das Rad neu erfinden

Dokumentarfilm in Deutsch e-ride elektro einrad stehrad Schweiz

Réinventer la roue

Documentaire (Futuremag) gyroroue uneroue gyroskate suisse


Ninebot One, The most connected electric unicycle

Responsive LED lights connected via Bluetooth with your Apple iOS or Android Apps

Die Limousine unter den Einrädern: Ninebot One

Ninebot One Elektro Einrad Video Review


Inmotion SCV V8

Slim, Light and Powerful Motor with intelligent control system will make you outstanding in performance and style.

Inmotion L8F Futuristic Electric Kickboard

Test video



Smart Board “Hoverboard” REVIEW

Chic Smart 2-Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Video



Original Anleitungsvideo


Ninebot One Instruction Video

Official training instruction how to ride Ninebot One

Inmotion SCV V5F Training Video

Step-by-step guide how to learn electric unicycle


Available Models



Schweizer Elektro Einrad Geschichten Switzerland Story 3. CERN Trial in Geneva

World leading scientific research organisation CERN tried our electric unicycles for the possibilities of future transportation in the facilities in Geneva, Switzerland

Elektrisches Einrad fahren: Ninebot One

Leading blogger Michael Eugster tested Ninebot One exclusively.



Swiss eWheel Traveller 1. Zug, Switzerland

Saturday style ride in Zug lakeside Switzerland

Swiss eWheel Traveller 2. Zug, Switzerland

Travelling Swiss cities and towns gives you much more fun and freedom.
Beautiful scenery, people and weather, Perfect place for electric unicycles.



Swiss eWheel Traveller 3. Slowup Zuerichsee 2016

Joyful riding with friends of e-ride in Slowup Zurichsee

Swiss eWheel Traveller 5. slow up Zuerichsee 2014

Beautiful autumn riding near Meilen with Airwheel in Slow Up Zuerichsee

Bar camp Airwheel Session in Zürich, Switzerland

Airwheel session during Bar Camp Zurich 2014.
Lots of intelligent audience were amazed by Airwheel. Thanks Michael for sharing this!




Ninebot one was the top attraction in the city of Basel.
Enjoy the beautiful city life with e-ride!




Swiss eWheel Traveller 6. Schaffhausen

Riding through the high street with Airwheel on Sunday afternoon. Feeling breezy!


Swiss eWheel Traveller 4. Baden

Schweizer Elektro Einrad Spezialist in Baden
Cool autumn breezes in the garden of Grand Casino Baden



St. Moritz

Swiss eWheel Traveller 7. St. Moritz (Part 1)

Beautiful autumn leaves in Swiss Alps town St. Moritz.
Airwheel slides as smooth as its scenery and it always amazes people.

Swiss eWheel Traveller 9. St. Moritz (Part 2)




Swiss eWheel Traveller 10. Slow up Ticino 2015 attended Slow Up Ticino 2015 in Locarno. How much freedom you can have in this car free day!

Swiss eWheel Traveller 11. Slow up Ticino 2015

Amazing reactions from people who attended in Slow Up Ticino 2015. Kundschaftvideo



Our customer shared his amazing city riding video with Airwheel in Sion Switzerland. Watch this how he enchanted his locals.


Our customer shared his second video took in Zofingen. Very stable shot in the beautiful town riding Airwheel.


Our customer made sensation in the carnival (fasnacht) with his airwheel.
Self Balance Electric unicycle riding at night


Happy customer shows off how much fun she has with Ninebot One.
From Sky to Ground – Airwheel practicing on the runway in Switzerland.


Trying Ninebot One without help after 20 minutes.
Riding electric unicycles over the sunset in Locarno, Switzerland. Always better together.


Ninebot One Extreme Swiss Forest Riding 20km/h. (GoPro)


Fastwheel EVA

The smallest, but powerful electric unicycle for personal mobility
Le Futur A Une Roue – Ninebot One, Fastwheel EVA Customer video

Small Swiss Alps Town in Monthey, already biggest e-ride community. Watch this video how it becomes so popular.


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